Suspension Services

Fork or Shock Service

$100.00 + Parts/Fluids Per End

Both the fork and or shock are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Fork tubes and shock shafts are carefully polished for superior seating and lubrication of the seals. All wear parts are replaced with OEM or SKF parts, forks seals and bushings. All of the components are then reassembled and filled with Maxima Suspension Fluid.

Fork or Shock Revalve

$180.00 + Parts/Fluids Per End

All revalves include a full service as described above. However, much more work is done during this process. Both the fork and or shock shafts are polished to remove any rough spots. All piston faces are surfaced for proper shim sealing. Each and every setup is tailored for the individual rider to give each rider their optimal suspension setup. There is No "one size fits all" setups here. Then of course all components are refilled with Maxima Fluids.

****There are some bikes out there, mainly older design components, which benefit greatly from the installation of Race Tech Gold Valves. These kits usually range in the $160 - $190 per end, depending on application.

ATV Shock Service

$200.00 + Parts/Fluids Per Front Pair & $100.00 + Parts/Fluids For Rear

The process for a ATV Shock Service is simialr to that of our Fork or Shock Service on a motorcycle. Please read that information to get an idea of what is included in a ATV Shock Service.

ATV Shock Revalve

Please Contact Us For Pricing

Again, the revavle service is similar to the one described above, however, due to the MANY different applications and options, prices can vary considerably. Again, Gold Valves work extremely well in the front shocks of most Sport ATVs. Please call or contact us for pricing.

Products We Use

Here at Pro Motion, we use only the best products available. We don't push all of the fancy, but useless anodized "works" parts. We simply use the parts that work best for the job that needs to be done.

Motorcycle Springs

Price: $119.00 - $160.00

  • Race Tech
  • Factory Connection
  • Cannon Race Craft
  • KYB

ATV Springs

Price: $110.00 - $160.00 for Rear

Price: $269.00 - $369.00 for Front

  • Race Tech
  • Hy Gear's Twisted Spring Sets

Rider Information Form

If you are looking for Pro Motion Suspension to perform a service for you, we suggest filling out this rider information form to accompnay your suspension.

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